I Won Online Bingo

I Won Online Bingo

Bingo! The happy call is what I had always loved as a kid, and still love as an adult. I have played this game for years and even when I play online bingo I just yell out bingo when I win. I am a hard-core online bingo player. And you know what; I won online bingo plenty of times! Online bingo is the simplest game of all where your luck plays the key role. But, still you can call bingo as early as possible by following some easy tips. And for those who are all new to bingo, I will give a brief introduction on what the game is all about and how to play online bingo.

Bingo is a very traditional game and it is the only gambling game that is traditionally played in communities as fund raising games. Traditional bingo has two variations. The first type is American bingo played with 75 numbers and the second type is European bingo played with 90 numbers. UK new bingo sites like Oh My Bingo are absolutely massive.

Moving onto online bingo, the cards are similar to traditional bingo card and it has variations. A bingo card contains 25 squares in which numbers are printed randomly. In the centre of the card you can see a free space with which you play bingo. All you have to do is to make up the winning combinations according to the requirements with the numbers called. There are small balls on which these numbers are printed and using RNG (random number generator) the balls are randomly shuffled and are displayed on your screen. If the numbers displayed appear on your bingo card you mark the number. When you get numbers in a specific pattern you win.

Playing bingo online is as exciting and thrilling as playing in a live hall. You play with other players and fair play is assured as RNG is used. So, when you play bingo online you can play with three or four cards, there may be an animated caller to call numbers or the software will just randomly display the numbers.

So, I follow some simple bingo strategies playing online. I always see to it that I play online bingo where the number of players is less. The more players there are, the more difficult it becomes. Next, is deciding the number of bingo cards I want to play with. And don’t go for many cards. I would recommend you to start with fewer cards as you will know the progress of the game. Though, chance of winning is high if you have more cards, be careful using more cards. Always make a note on numbers, if the site doesn’t have an auto-daub.

Online bingo has some exclusive features that are not available in a regular bingo hall. The first and the most exceptional feature is the “auto-daub”. Online bingo sites have the auto-daub feature. So, this means that your cards are automatically generated and filled in when the number is called. So, you can move on to get a drink, by the time you reach your computer, auto-daub may have combined the cards for you to call bingo.

Some of the casinos offer you special bonuses for playing bingo and the extra cash is very helpful. And you have the live online bingo chat rooms where you can chat with other people and have an interactive gaming session. Yes! I always love to chat with others rather than sitting idly and noting down the numbers.

Hope now you know all about online bingo, and all the tips to follow when playing online bingo. So be ready to call BINGO!!!!!

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